Welcome to Oatlands Primary School.

Welcome back to Oatlands Primary School for the 2018 school year. I hope that you had a restful and enjoyable break.

This year is the first year of our new four year Strategic Plan and will be another exciting year at Oatlands Primary School. Our SMART Spelling program is running throughout our school and our maths program has been structured to ensure every student is learning at their individual level.

This year our music program will be expanded, with grades Prep to Grade 3 taking part in music lessons as part of specialist sessions. This year we also introduce the option of two languages for our Prep students, either Japanese or Italian. Our swimming program is being expanded, with students from grades 3 to 6 having the opportunity to swim and compete and our grade 6 students taking part in swimming lessons later in the year.


This year we have a number of programs that will further extend students learning, such as the maths extension groups, Thinking Outside the Box Program (gifted and talented program for grades 1 & 2), Chess Club, University of New South Wales ICAS Testing, Lego Club, Mathletics, Chromebook Club, along with classroom based extension of students in literacy and numeracy. Our Technology program includes robotics, coding, virtual reality learning, 3D printers and digital technology programs. We also have a number of programs to catch students up if they are behind, including Reading Recovery, GRIN Maths, MiniLIT, Toe by Toe Reading, Speech program, Literacy Launchers and Targeted Reading.


This year will be another important year at Oatlands Primary School. We are continuing to develop our school into the best school that we can be. An important aspect of this is our strong foundation based on two-way communication between home and school. We have a number of organised opportunities where communication takes place (e.g. Parent-Teacher Interviews, Seesaw, Newsletters, Web Site) and we are very keen to hear from you any time. In addition to this we are looking to further developing links between home and school with an enhanced technology platform.

Wes Holloway