At Oatlands Primary School, we offer a 1:1 Bring Your Own Chromebook program to all students from Years 4 - 6.  Digital Technologies are dramatically changing how we educate our students. By increasing the level of access to digital devices, students can leverage learning opportunities that are interactive, differentiated and collaborative in nature. The targeted and effective application of technology, coupled with the quality and of instruction, can enhance student learning.

Oatlands Primary School plays an important role in introducing technology to our students and ensuring it is used appropriately to enable effective learning. As a school, we have opted to use Chromebooks as our mandated device across Foundation to Year 6. Chromebooks are essentially a laptop crossed with a tablet, offering dual functionality of a keyboard and touchscreen.  The Chromebook runs on a Chrome Operating System and uses web and cloud-based storage. The benefits of using a Chromebook include:

  • No setup of software required, just log in using student Google account

  • It won't slow down over time or be made redundant by new operating systems

  • Starts up in seconds, no long load times or software updates

  • Cost effective, being web-based means no app purchases required

  • Long battery life (approximately 8 hours)

  • Ergonomics, encouraging students to have more appropriate posture

  • App reliability - Google Suite, Mathletics, Sunshine Online will run effectively as web-based apps

Click the links below to access the information regarding the 2019/2020 BYOC program.

Acceptable Use Agreement 2019

BYOC Code of Conduct

BYOC Information Night - 2020 Grade 4s


Click HERE to browse, purchase or lease a Chromebook through the Oatlands Order Portal partnered with Learning With Technologies (LWT).