Transition from Kinder to Primary School

Transition from kindergarten to primary school is an exciting, yet often daunting process for children and parents alike. Below are some tips to smooth the way for your child (and yourself!) to ensure their readiness for prep.

  • Encourage your child to learn and recognise their full name.
  • Foster confidence by giving your child simple responsibilities at home including: setting the table and making their bed.
  • Where practical, walk your child to and from school, ensuring to use the school crossings.
  • Try to read a story with your child everyday.
  • Promote discussion with your child by asking about their daily activities and sequencing of daily events.
  • Teach your child to tie their shoelaces.
  • Supply easy to eat, nutritious lunches in packets or containers that your child can easily open.
  • Promote independence by encouraging your child to carry their own bag, look after their belongings and hang up their own school bag in the supplied space.
  • Ensure all school items including lunch box, drink bottles, hat and jumper are clearly named. 
  • Be mindful that your child has adequate rest. A tired child cannot learn effectively. Whilst sleep requirements vary with each indvidaul child, please ensure that your child has adequate sleep to be ready for the day ahead.
  • Encourage positivity!