Transition and Start - Up Programs

'Leap into Learning'

At Oatlands we offer a 10 week 'Leap into Learning' program to transition students smoothly from Kinder to their first year of Prep. The 'Leap into Learning' program ensures your child is comfortable and familiar in their new surroundings prior to the new school year beginning. Our program introduces students to the rules and routines of a Prep classroom and includes activities such as getting to know each other games, cutting, drawing, jigsaw puzzles, singing and dancing. Your child will love coming to school each week, meeting new friends and playing games. Visit the school office to enrol for Leap Into Learning!  

Start - Up Program

At the beginning of each year all classes/students are involved in developing a class mission and vision statement. This statement also contains class goal(s) and expectations for the year. By the end of week three it is planned that every student will take home (to their parents) a pamphlet or a written letter outlining the vision, mission and goals that they have developed in their class. A copy of each grade's pamphlet will also be available to view on the grade's blog.

The Start Up Program helps students and their teacher to focus on their personal and class goals for the year and assists to set a very positive tone both in the classroom and out in the school grounds.