The Cyber Safety Project


The aim of this program is to allow our students, parents and staff to be engaged in learning experiences that develop future online skills, lifelong habits and self-regulation when using digital technologies for work, life and play. 

We focus on the following learning:

  • Online Privacy & Security

  • Social Profiles

  • Safe Posting Protocols

  • Online Gaming

  • Digital Wellbeing

  • Digital interactions & Screen Time

Building a common language in our school community, provides us with the insights and information about popular social networking and online gaming platforms for young people today. A positive and healthy family environment where digital use is encouraged, but managed effectively can be a tough balance. As a school community we want to ensure our children stay safe online and build positive digital habits. 

Thank you for your positive and ongoing support with this. Remember to share anything you know with at least two others and we can spread this extremely integral message; Cyber Safety!

CLICK HERE to view the Parent Portal, to print off resources to use at home, including the The Family Digital Agreement to work on with your family.