School Banking


School Banking

Every Tuesday is our School Banking day.

If you are a new family to the school and want to start banking please go to the local branch of Commonwealth Bank at Fountain Gate level 2, and open an account as the procedure has changed and is no longer done at the school.

Bank books

Once you have your bank book please follow the following steps.

1.       Fill in the bank deposit slip in the yellow book, if these are not filled out the book won’t be processed (e.g. Account Name, Account Details, Student ID, Date, Amount of Money on banking slip and bud)

2.       Give the book to your classroom teacher on Monday/Tuesday morning for them to send up to the office so the School Banking volunteers can process the book.

3.       Once it has been processed you will receive 1 token per weekly transaction and then they will be sent back through the classroom tubs for the teacher to hand out.

Making a claim for a reward

1.       Collect 10 tokens.

2.       Fill in the redeeming coupon for the reward and put in your bank book.

3.       The banking team will order it when they do the banking - Ordering the reward may take a few weeks to come in.

4.       Once the reward has arrived it will be put in the classroom tub and handed out by the classroom teacher.

The tokens get recorded by the commonwealth bank on the banking portal each time a transaction is done and can only be redeemed if there is 10 recorded tokens, unfortunately if you give us 10 tokens and the system shows a lower amount we cannot process it.  Tokens cannot be shared between students. You can also get the Commbank Youth App to see all transactions and rewards. 

If you have any questions at all throughout the year please leave a message with the office or alternatively place a note in the bank book and we will get back to as soon as we can.


Thank you for your support


PFA/School Banking team