Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Oatlands Primary School. At Oatlands we exist to inspire every student to achieve their potential through an enriching and nurturing school environment. Our core values are respecteffortkindnessresilience and creativity. At Oatlands we are all responsible for upholding these core values as we develop and grow as lifelong learners.

Through our focus on excellence at Oatlands Primary School, we develop the whole student academically, socially and emotionally, along with the confidence and leadership ability of our students. The main focus is the educational and social growth of our students, with priorities in the teaching and learning of English and Mathematics.  Our staff assume a collective responsibility for the learning, personal and social growth of every student.  Student wellbeing is a priority and is supported by a range of programs and proactive strategies. At Oatlands we have a full-time educational psychologist who is able to conduct educational assessments to help student learning. We also have a range of programs available for students if they are not progressing as quickly as expected. There is an ongoing commitment to, and encouragement of, parental participation in programs and activities throughout the school.

At Oatlands our specialist areas include Digital Technology, Language (Italian and Japanese), The Arts (Visual Art and Music) and Physical Education. We have a range of different extension and enrichment programs to help ensure our students have opportunities to develop their potential including literacy and numeracy extension within the classroom, Maths Extension, Chess Club, Coding Club, School Choir, keyboard and guitar lessons. We have a fully functional Classroom Kitchen, an indoor Gymnasium, artificial turf oval, two undercover basketball and netball courts and four different playgrounds for our students (Prep Pirate Ship Playground, Grade 1-2, Grade 3-5 and Grade 5-6 Climbing Pyramid Playground).

We look forward to working with you in a positive partnership between school and home so that our students are able to achieve their full potential.

Wes Holloway