The Mathematics program at Oatlands Primary School is based on students developing appropriate skills and understandings and applying them in daily situations. Students will be exposed to a variety of Mathematical experiences that:

  • emphasise the use of strategies and problem solving
  • are both positive and enjoyable
  • build confidence in Maths
  • promote investigation and problem solving skills
  • provide hands on learning experiences.

Individual abilities are catered for through support & extension activities and groupings. Open ended tasks and maths investigations are utilised to challenge and extend students' abilities. Maths is taken on a regular basis in the one hour Numeracy Block.

As well as the daily explicit teaching of mathematics we offer a variety of activities throughout the year to ensure students are kept motivated and enthusiastic while learning Maths. These include; Mathletics (on line Maths program) that can be used at home as well as school (P - 6), Participation in Maths Games Days competing against other schools (Gr 5 & 6), Participation in an online problem solving competition each term (Gr 3 - 6), Take home Maths Share Packs that include a variety of Maths games to be played at home (1 - 6), Grandparents / parents Maths Games afternoon (P - 6), Annual Maths Extension Sessions and incursions (Gr 2 - 6), Maths Expo (exhibition of student's work).

We aim to provide our students with rich experiences in Maths that in Maths develop life long Mathematical learners and future problem solvers.