Day One

We have arrived at Wilson’s Prom. We had a stop in Mirboo North for a quick snack and a toilet stop. We then continued on to our final destination. Tent city is now in full swing and all of the kids have settled into their new homes for the next 5 days.
We have taken our first dip in Tidal River. The water wasn’t too chilly once we were in. The weather has been kind to us and we hope this will continue. We will head back to tent city for dinner and after dinner we will conquer Mount Oberon.




Day Two

The food received a 5 star rating last night. We had chicken noodle soup followed by delicious roast beef for main. 
After enjoying our dinner, we headed up to Mount Oberon. Some of us were lucky enough to watch the sunset on the top of Mount Oberon. 

We had a very still night with Tent City standing strong this morning. For breakfast we had cereal followed by toast, eggs and tinned spaghetti. 

Just when we thought we hadn’t climbed enough hills, we ventured out to Little Oberon Bay. The sand was golden and the water was a beautiful aqua colour. We are now back at camp having some sandwiches for lunch.

The first lot of surfers are off this afternoon and the rest of us are off to tidal river.


Day Three

Last night we had sausages, rissoles and vegetables which once again were delicious. We enjoyed watching the movie last night at the outdoor cinemas.

Today the rest of the surfers are getting in the water and catching some waves. The rest of us are hiking to Squeaky Beach. As you can imagine we are excited about the sand being “squeaky”.

We are currently having a sandcastle competition and some tribe points are on offer.

After some lunch we may head down to tidal river for some more swimming, cards and cricket on the beach.


Day Four

Last night we had a scrumptious dinner of chicken and vegetables and pears and custard for dessert. We finished off the night with a great game of trivia that all the kids loved. We then had an early night, it was a little bit windy but tent city is still standing. We woke up this morning to a glorious day and had cereal, toast, eggs and beans for breakfast. We have just completed the amazing race down at the beach that involved the kids doing a range of fun activities such as commando crawls through tidal river, cricket, word search and pizza throws. We are looking forward to lunch and then spending some relaxing time down at Tidal River. It has been a great day so far and we wish Kaleb a big Happy Birthday and hope he has a great day and we will celebrate with a song and muffin after lunch.