About - Parent Fundraising Association


The Parents Fundraising Association (P.F.A.) is an official school organisation with a two-fold purpose. Firstly it raises funds for the school and secondly it aims to provide an enjoyable social contact for parents.

All Oatlands Primary School parents and guardians are welcome to join or if you would like to be on our volunteer list to help with an event please send an email with your details.

Members of the PFA learn what is happening within the school, share ideas, pass on representative views to the School Council, raise money and support each other. The PFA meets twice a term. There is one official PFA member on the School Council, whilst members of the School Council can also attend PFA Meetings. Parents are always most welcome to attend meetings.

PFA aims to:

·         Invite all families to participate in their children’s school.

·         Encourage families/parents to interact together on a social basis.

·         Organise special events for the children.

·         Act as the major fundraising body within the School, raising money that can be used to improve resources and facilities.

 If you would like any other information or have any questions about the PFA please email us at p.f.a@oatlandsps.vic.edu.au


President: Jess Ward

Vic President: Kristy Dunkerley

Secretary: Sarah Higgins

Treasurer: Shannon Rayner